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Natalia & Denis Wedding at the Russian Embassy, London

Natalia & Denis were married in the Russian Embassy, close to Kensington Garden’s in London. It was wonderful to have such a warm welcome from Ambassador Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko and staff. It was a close and intimate wedding, attended by a small group of close guests. After the small civil ceremony we decided to take a London cab to visit some of the Capital’s Landmarks.

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Vicky & Joseph Alfresco Brighton Wedding, East Sussex

Basking in the shadows of the West Pier, Alfresco’s spectacular setting means it offers unparalleled views along the Sussex coast as well as a variety of stunning photographic backdrops unrivalled by any other beachside venue. Alfresco has become a local institution; some places have great locations, others amazing good and some offer excellent service but few can boast all three- Alfresco can. Thankfully, it was stunning blue skies for Vicky & Joseph’s amazing wedding day!

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